Gospelchor St. Josef RheinfeldenGospelchor St. Josef Rheinfelden


A joyful noise    J. Arenius arr.Euphrosine Gruen     
Adiemus    Karl Jenkins     
Ain' a that good news     
Ain`tgonna let nobody turn me `round    trad.     
All my trials    trad., arr. Norman Luboff     
Amazing Grace     
Amezaliwa    Edwardi Kabuka     
As I go    Rolf Mammel     
Bless the Lord    L/M/Arr.: Tore W. Aas     
Bridge over troubled water    Paul Simon, arr. Kirby Shaw     
Calm before the storm    Hans Dahlin, arr. Martin Huber     
Caribbean praise    Hug Davis     
Christ is the hope of the world     
Close to you    Burt Bacharach M. Rogers/Euphrosine     
Come and go    Trad.     
Coming back    Andrae Crouch and Tore W. Aas.Arr.: Tore W. Aas     
Deep River    trad., Bernhard Ladenburger     
Deeper Than    Hans Christian Jochimsen     
Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel    trad., arr. Kirby Shaw     
Digedi Samba     
Don't let the sun go down on me    Elton John, arr. Martin Huber     
Elijah rock    trad., Jester Hairston     
Ezekiel saw de wheel    Trad./arr.N.Cain&Euphr.Gruen     
Father    T.W.Aas/arr.Eu. Gruen     
Free at last    trad., Jester Hairston     
Give me Jesus     
Glory be to God on high    Stephan Zebe     
Glory, Glory     
Go tell it on the Mountain     - SingAlongs in Drobbox, siehe auch 108     
God bless that Child    arr.Berty RiceA.Arthur Herzog     
Goin to the holy City    J.M. Martin/arr.Euphrosine Gruen     
Good morning     
Goodnight sweetheart    Calvin Carter, James Hudson, arr. Robert Sund     
Hallelujah    Leonard Cohen     
Heaven is a wonderful place    trad., arr. Wolfgang Koperski     
Hebe deine Augen auf    F. Mendelsson Bartholdy, Oratorium Elias     
Holy Holy Holy    Gary Oliver     
Honor, honor    trad.     
Hush somebody`s callin my name    Trad. Negro Spiritual     
I Believe I Can Fly    R. Kelly     
I can tell the World    Spiritual, Jester Hairston     
I don't know how to love him    aus dem Musical """"Jesus Christ, Superstar"""" von Andrew Lloyd Webber, arr. Henry O. Millsby     
I lift my eyes    L. Maierhofer     
I love to praise his holy name    trad.     
I want Jesus to walk with me    trad.     
I've got a shoes    trad.     
If I got my ticket, can I ride    trad., arr. Robert Shaw     
In a country churchyard    Chris de Burgh, arr. Gospelchor     
In the presence of the Lord    Kurt Carr     
It's allright    Tore W. Aas / Rolf Graf, arr. Tore W. Aas     
Jesus Christ, Superstar    aus dem gleichnamigen Musical von Andrew Lloyd Webber, arr. Gospelchor     
Jesus lover of my soul    Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, arr. Martin Huber     
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho    siehe auch 99     
Joy to the world     
Keep your lamps    trad. A. Thomas     
Knockin' on heaven's door    Bob Dylon, arr. Mark Austin     
Kyrie (2)    Stephan Zebe     
Lead me to the rock     
Let me entertain you    G. Chambres/R. Williams     
Let the heaven light shine on me     
Let us break bread     
Let us stand    Hans Christian Joachimsen     
Light of the world    aus dem Musical """"Godspell"""" von Stephen Schwartz, arr. Martin Huber     
Locus iste    Anton Bruckner     
Lord Hold Me    Hans Christian Jochimsen     
Lord, God, heavenly king     
Lord, Lord, Lord    Trad     
Magnify the light     
Mary don't you weap    Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, arr. Martin Huber     
More abundantly    Sonya Whitmore, Bunny Diamond     
Music in my soul    John Jacobson, Mac Huff     
My rock    Hans Dahlin, arr. Louise Ljungberg     
Never let me go    Tore W. Aas, Calvin Bridges     
New York, New York    Arrangement Helmut Lörscher     
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen    chilcott/bearb. Gehweiler     
Nuhu chonga safina    trad     
Oh happy day     
Oh, what a day (1)    C. Coltrane, arr. Paul Hofrichter     
Open the Eyes of My Heart    Paul Baloche     
Peace be with you    Adrian Snell     
Plenty good room    Thomas Krause     
Praise ye the Lord    Clarence Eggleton     
Prayer for Africa    Alfred McCrary, arr. Daniel Kosmalski     
Ride the chariot     
Running down to Bethlehem    Pepper Choplin; Hörbeispiel: http://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=8016727     
Sanctus    Stephan Zebe     
Shine Jesus shine    unbekannt, arr. Bernhard Ladenburger     
Shine down     
Shut de do    Randy Stonehill     
Silent light     
Sing your praise to the Lord     
Somebody's knockin' at your door    trad., arr. Torsten Maass     
Sometimes I Feel    Arr. Jeff Guillen     
Steal away    D. Blackwell/ K. Gehweiler     
Sweet Jesus    Tore W. Aas, Andraé Crouch, Scott V. Smith     
Swing low with the Saints    trad. arr.Hayes/Gehweiler     
Take and Receive    Manuel Francisco arr: Arnold Zamora     
Taste and see    J. Moore, Karl Gehweiler     
Thank you for the Music    ABBA     
That`s what friends are for    Stevie Wonder, arr. Karl Gehweiler     
The storm is passing over     
There is a meeting here tonight     
This is the day (1)    Arvis Strickland Jones     
This little light of mine     
Thulasizwe    Trad., Ursula Hofer     
Thy word    Amy Grant, arr. Mark Hayes     
Tuonane    Trad. Tansania (A. Schmid/ EU)     
Use me Lord    Cynthia Nunn     
Wade in the water (1)    trad., arr. Martin Huber     
Walk together children    Dan Holly, arr. Christoph Schönherr     
We Wish You a merry Christmas    English trad. arr.editors     
We can move mountains    Hans Christian Jochimsen     
We shall not be moved    The Housemartins, arr. Gospelchor     
We will meet again    Peter Sandwall     
What a wonderful world     
Where do I begin?    A. Lucas/K.Gehweiler     
Wise up     
Worship the Lord    Edwin Hawkins      
Yield not to temptation    trad., Torsten Maass     
You make me feel like dancing    Vini Poncia, Leo Sayer, arr. Martin Carbow     
Your Love (Psalm 139)    T. Aas     
Abide with me    William H. Monk     
African Call    B. Gröger     
Ain't no Mountain high enough    Arr. Roger Emerson     
Air    J. S. Bach     
All night, all day    Gustav Gunsenheimer     
Alpha and omega    Adrian Snell     
Amen    Jester J. Hairston     
Another time, another place     
Asithi Amen    Trad. Zulu     
Bohemian Rhapsody     
California dreamin'    John Phillips, M. Gillian     
Caravan of love    The Housemartins, arr. Gospelchor     
Certainly Lord    trad., arr. John Hoybye     
Clap your hands    Bob Kauflin     
Come Sunday    Duke Ellington/Euphrosine Gruen     
Come on, let us go     
Couldn`t keep it to Myself    F. Washington     
Deep down in my heart    Trad.     
Defying Gravity    Stephan Schwarz     
Didnt it rain    trad., arr. Christoph Schönherr     
Don't Worry, Be Happy    A Bobby Mc. Ferrin, arr.Kirby Shaw     
Down by the Riverside    trad., arr. Rev. Johnny Thompson     
Ev'ry time I feel the spirit     
Fascinating Rhythm    G. Gershwin     
For the Lord he is great    Billy Funk     
Get Together    Tore W. Aas, Jan Groth     
Give me that old time religion    Trad./Euphrosine     
Glory to God almighty    T.W.Aas/C.Bridges Arr.Aas/G     
Go down, Moses     
Go, tell it on the mountains    trad., arr. Matthias Nagel     
God rest you merry, gentlemen    Arr. David Willcocks - SingAlongs in Drobbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gel9d0t34xxjmnv/AABXl-iKsNp9it7HgjfwQs9Ta     
Golden Slippers    trad.     
Good news    trad., arr. Don Newby     
Great day    trad., arr. Erik Björn Lund     
He is always close to you    Martin Carbow     
Heavens Gate     
Hold on    trad., arr. Christoph Schönherr     
Home for the Holidays    Arrangement Teena Chinn     
How can I know    Deliverance, arr. Martin Huber     
Hymn    Barclay James Harvest, arr. Gospelchor     
I Really Love the Lord    trad.     
I could`t hear nobody pray    Spiritual     
I got rhythm    Lyrics and music:George and Ira Gershwin arr. Christopher Clapham     
I long for deliverance     
I wanna be closer    Eberhard Ring, Cae Gauntt     
I will follow him    Arr. N. Mante     
I`ve got a feeling    Arr. Jeff Guillen     
In His Presence    Dick and Melodie Tunney     
In our hands    David Shire, David Pomeranz, arr. Gospelchor     
It is well with soul    Arr. Jeff Guillen     
It's the most wonderful Time of the Year    Arr. Carl Strommen - - SingAlongs in Drobbox     
Jesus be a fence    trad., arr. Peter Sandwall     
Jesus loves me    Arr. Jeff Guillen     
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho    trad., arr. Klaus Grimminger     
Just the two of us    Withers/Macdonald/Salter     
King of kings    Y.Sommer     
Kyrie (1)     
Lamb of God    Stephan Zebe     
Lean on me    N. Byl, arr. Karl Gehweiler     
Let my fly    Hans-Christian Jochimsen     
Let the music heal your soul    unbekannt, arr. Martin Huber     
Let us go into the house of the Lord    Tore W. Aas     
Lift Jesus up    A. Reif , arr. Karl Gehweiler     
Little innocent Lamb     
Long live the king    Adrian Snell     
Lord make me a mountain     
Lord, I know I've been changed    Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, arr. Martin Huber     
Madonna ma pietà    Orlando di Lasso     
Mamma mia    Abba     
May the Lord send angels     
Morning Praise    Arr. Jeff Guillen     
My Hope is Built on Nothing Less    Jeffrey Radford     
Never gonna loose my way    T. Aas/ Euphrosine Gruen     
Never turn back    Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, arr. Martin Huber     
Nginani na    trad. Südafrika, arr. Caroline Lyon     
Nobody like Jesus    H. Jost-Naujoks, R. Wilson     
Oh Tannenbaum    Arr. Alexander L´Estrange - - SingAlongs in Drobbox     
Oh what a day (2)    Svend Asmussen, arr. Bengt Hallberg     
One world    Sting, arr. Knut H. Ytre-Arne     
Peace be still    Dick Tunney, Melodie Tunney, Beberly Darnall     
People need the Lord    Greg Nelson and Phill McHugh     
Power    Myrna Summers, arr. Peter Sandwall     
Praising song     
Rakanaka Vangeri    aus Simbabwe     
Rise and shine    Gospel / arr. G. Arch     
Sana sananina    Trad. aus Botswana     
Shackles    W. Campbell, E. Atkons & T. Atkins / Don Henken     
Shine Your Light    Tore W. Aas, Jan Groth     
Shout for joy to the Lord    T.W.Aas/arr.Eu.Gruen     
Silent Night    Arr. David Willcocks - - SingAlongs in Drobbox     
Sing Freedom    Trad. arr. Euphr. Gruen     
Singabahambayo    Südafrikanisches Freiheitslied (Zulu)     
Something inside so strong    unbekannt, arr. Martin Huber     
Standing in the need of prayer    Spiritual/arr.Arch     
Sunny    Bobby Hebb     
Sweet by and by    Arr. Jeff Guillen     
Swing low with the Saints    s. auch 150     
Take me to the water    Clarence Eggleton     
Tears in heaven    E. Clapton     
That lonesome road    James Taylor, arr. Gospelchor     
The gospel train    Bengt Johansson     
The very best time of year    John Rutter     
There is love (Wedding song)    James Last, arr. Gospelchor     
This is the day (2)    Rick Shelton     
This old Hammer    unbekannt, arr. Martin Schuster-Zimmering     
Thy will be done    J. Arenius     
Time to celebrate    Joakim Arenius arr.Euphrosine Gruen     
Unity    Glorraine Moone, arr. Rev. Freddy Washington     
Virgin Mary had a baby    trad. Trinidad     
Wade in the water (2)    trad., arr. G. Arch     
WarmUp und Personalia    Leonard Bernstein     
We believe    Lothar Kosse, arr. Eberhard Rink     
We pray in the morning    J. Arenius     
We want to see Jesus    Doug Horley, arr. Bernhard Ladenburger     
We'll be there    Stuart Leathwood, Gary Sulsh, arr. Martin Huber     
What child is this    trad., arr. John Stainer     
Where peaceful waters flow    Chris de Burgh, arr. Martin Huber     
Witness    Hörbeispiel: http://s3.amazonaws.com/halleonard-closerlook/08738606/witnessSATBdivWEB.mp3     
Yield not to temptation    trad., T. Maaß / K. G.     
You Raise Me Up    R. Lovland     
You've got a friend    Carole King, arr. Mark Brymer